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Flowers of May

Matthew's debut play opened in The Garage Theatre Monaghan in April and has been very well received from audiences.

“The Flowers of May” brings you inside the world of  two parents  raising a child with a hidden disability while facing up against the social stigmas that come with it.

 David and Lisa had visions of what being a parent would be like, but their lives suddenly changed when their son, Conor, was diagnosed with autism. Together they journey through the joys and challenges of being a parent of a child with ASD. Along the way they have to deal with patronising in-laws, exclusionary neighbours while also trying to get past their own differences. 

Tour Dates

The Flowers of May

The Marketplace Theatre, Armagh
September 21st

Kells Theatre, Kells - September 30th

The Market House, Monaghan
October 6th-7th

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